The leather jackets are an expensive item in the wardrobe and something that you just cannot throw into the washing machine like the other clothes. The leather stuff needs instructions of perfection when cleaning as they are made from different leather materials and need extra bit of care in handling the cleaning process of these outfits. There are so many resources online that provides the best and easy tips and tricks for cleaning the leather jackets all by yourself. But it can be a tricky and risky thing to do if you don’t have knowledge of how it is done.


Here is a perfect guide for letting you know how to clean and make your leather jacket new and stylish all the time without running it. Before you begin cleaning or starting anything, the first thing is to check the material and know the type of leather jacket that you are about to clean.


The lapel reading on the inside of the collar gives some kind of instructions for the usage and cleaning of the leather jacket, like it says do not use bleach or cold wash only etc. reading the labels attached to the jackets are important and some people think it is useless but they aren’t.


There are different cleaning products for different types of leather types. The soft leather can be felt by touching and this means that it is untreated and this means that there are no coating for the protection of it. Likewise, if there are coating then it can be treated. This is important to notice because the treated and coated either is cleanable and can be washed as the color will stay and the other untreated that has no coating on it will change the color and ruined after washing!


A nice way to start the process of cleaning a leather jacket is to use a piece of cloth to dust off the outside of the leather by hand, this will make sure that there are no dust particles attached to the jacket. Especially the black color jackets where the dust is visible. After that you can use the cleaning solution accordingly for the type of leather material that you are cleaning. Thoroughly apply the solution with a piece of cloth on the whole jacket and after a while wash it with the water and let the jacket be held up to dry completely!