We have adopted a privacy policy having no loopholes that might allow for the theft of personal information. The customers themselves oftentimes are not well-aware of the troubles they can get into by transacting at a website with faulty privacy measures, but we consider it our responsibility to provide them complete security. We want our customers to know in detail about the way we gather, use and secure their information.

When you place an order at topleatherjackets.com, you are requested to enter some of your personal information which is needed by us to fulfill your order and to receive payment for the order. This information includes your name, address, contact number, email address and your credit card details. Sometimes, the customers are also asked for some demographic data like their age, gender and preferences. We also make use of cookies to identify the customer’s computer and to keep track of their visit to our website, as this allows us to enhance the customer experience with us. One of the purposes of collecting this information is to maintain customer records which would help us to make improvements in our products. The contact information is gathered in order to communicate with the customer and to inform them of any discounts and special offers that are introduced from time to time.

All the information that you provide is absolutely secure with us. We do not, in any case, sell, share, transfer or trade this information with any third party without taking prior approval from the customers. Our web server is secure for making online transactions. All the data is transferred and processed in an encrypted form so that there is no possibility of your bank account number or your credit card details being misused.